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With Gas prices on the increase, can you afford to be without the Boiler Minder?

The Boiler Minder is a simple fit and forget solution that requires no ongoing maintenance, working instantly to reduce your heating gas consumption.

Payback is less than 5 years for the average property in the UK.

Comes with a 10-year guarantee.

Will work with most gas-fuelled central heating system, but importantly the heating system must have a boiler and room thermostat.

Boiler Minder must be fitted to IEE regulations by a qualified fitter.

Buy today for only £360 Including VAT and start saving on your heating gas consumption.

FACT: If all the 13 million gas-fuelled homes in the UK had the Boiler Minder fitted, and if they reduced their fuel consumption by only 10%, that would cut emissions by 4 million tonnes of co2 every year!